About Us


It was a humble beginning for us when three sisters (Sharifah Hishmah, Sharifah Nafisah & Sharifah Husna) teamed up to form a company named La Cucur in 1998. Sharifah Hishmah never had an inkling of how the food & beverage business operates, as she was then involved in Batik manufacturing. As adventurous as she is, Sharifah Hishmah switched to this new venture and had to learn the ropes of the business from the basics.

La Cucur


Sharifah Husna was the persona behind the recipes as most of them came from their mother, Sharifah Zaharah who hails from Alor Setar, Kedah. Sharifah Husna, together with Sharifah Nafisah trained La Cucur staffs from scratch on the operations behind baking, cooking and running a kitchen.

When La Cucur’s first outlet launched in Suria KLCC, it initially operated with a total area of 68 square meters only. Today, it has grown much larger and serving 800-900 customers per day.

La Cucur


“Cucur” means “Kuih-Muih” in the north of Malaysia (Loghat Utara), while the use of ‘La’ is to give the brand a more international characteristic and commercial value.
La Cucur prides itself on retaining the culture and heritage behind their traditional recipes while also keeping up to current trends and fast moving directions in the food and beverage industry.

La Cucur